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It was the Fall of 2005 when the Par 6 was conceived in a hot tub on a cool Chicago evening with friends and beers preparing for the Puma Open which was to be played the next day. Although it wasn't for another year until the first unit was put into production, an idea this good could never be forgotten. Halloween of 2006 Caddyswag LLC was officially formed, and with it our first run of 2000 units.  In our attempt to test the waters, we struck gold, selling them all by word of mouth alone in 60 days as Christmas gifts.  Years later and help from ABC's hit television show "Shark Tank" and dozens of morning drive talk shows, Caddyswag has grown from a great idea to a thriving business. We carry over 10,000 units of inventory at any time with unlimited production & distribution capabilities.  We specialize in corporate and custom logos.  Our regular customers include everyone from Honeywell and Budweiser to Tony and Tina's wedding. We are taking over a golf course close to you soon.  We will be the ones gambling, listening to music and laughing.  Our score is good enough but always secondary to having a good time on the course.  Start saving money today and get your Par-6 By Caddyswag now!  No order is to big or to small.

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